This collection illustrates the use of simulation and visualization to highlight the traffic flow characteristics of roundabouts and the intersection with nearby land use and other intersections.

Arena Drive in Lincoln, Nebraska where two circles were placed; one with a pier in the middle of the central island.  Location next to the Nebraska Cornhuskers Stadium.  Opened in 2011.



These photos show a before and after comparison for public outreach. The site is in Fort Worth on a corridor that is being widened to four lanes.

Ayres Existing  Ayres Existing


Mall Drive is on a MNDOT state route. The DOT wanted to know if the roundabout would affect or be affected by the State highway intersection located so close by. The animation shows the signal queuing back to the roundabout, which is most common.


Milestone Roundabout was considered for a Nantucket Island intersection. It was never built was certainly was feasible.


These photos are on the same corridor as the previous photos, again showing the possibilities for use of a roundabout, this time to integrate the park parking lot access.

Ayres Existing Ayres Existing


Newhall is an intersection in Santa Clarita, CA where the municipality wanted a more detailed look at the intersection using building facades and street furniture. Google Sketch-up was used to prepare the visual base upon which the VISSIM animation of the proposed traffic flow was superimposed.


This simulation shows a vehicle traveling through a roundabout from the East bound lane to the North bound lane.

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