Public Outreach Resources

Below is a growing list of public outreach resources to aid in informing the public on roundabouts.


Instructional Flash Animations

Flash animations show the correct use of roundabouts. These animations can be customized to a specific project and have proven very effective in public education campaigns.

Educational Brochures and Flyers

Custom handouts or multi-fold brochures are used to educate the public on the benefits of roundabouts and how to navigate them – including clear, step-by-step instructions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.

3D VISSIM Models of Roundabouts

VISSIM is a leading microscopic simulation program used to model traffic flow and produce videos for public education and outreach. Use of add-ons such as Google SketchUp make for photo realistic renderings to animate traffic.

Roundabout History Flash Timeline

Use the interactive timeline to explore the history of circular intersections, from their humble beginnings in Europe, through to the world-wide proliferation of the modern roundabout.

Virtual Public Meeting

Model of a Virtual Public Meeting

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