Recommended Reading

Roundabout Publications

Accidents at 4-Arm Roundabouts, Maycock, G. and R.D. Hall,TRL Laboratory Report LR1120, 1984.

Geometric Design of Roundabouts, TD 16/07, U.K. Department for Transport, 2007.

The Design of Roundabouts, Brown, Dan, TRL State of the Art Reviews, London, HMSO, 1995.  (This is an excellent book on the history and state of the art in roundabout design. Available from Her Majesty’s Stationery Office in the U.K.)


Design and Safety Information

Roundabout Design Guidelines, Ourston Roundabout Engineering, Inc. 2001

Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, FHWA, 2010

Wisconsin Roundabout Guide, March 2013

Crash Reductions Following Installation of Roundabouts in the United States, IIHS, March 2000


Feature Articles and Papers

Roundabouts: A Direct Way to Safer Highways, by Leif Ourston and Joe Bared, Public Roads, FHWA, Fall 1995

Clearwater Roundabout Report, by Barry Crown



Further Reading

Publications by GHD - A list of publications specifically by GHD Inc. staff.

General Roundabout Research - An extensive list of publications pertaining to roundabout research.

Roundabout Guideline Publications - A list of resources for roundabout guidelines.

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