3D VISSIM Models of Roundabouts


VISSIM is a microscopic simulation software for multi-modal traffic flow modeling and modeling of corridors of varying control types. The following are VISSIM simulations combined with custom backgrounds and captions to produce videos that are used in public education and outreach.

WIS 11 & Racine Street - Janesville, Wisconsin

This is a collection of 10 instructional simulations created with VISSIM, with voiceovers added, which direct drivers how to navigate a new interchange that was reconstructed with roundabouts.

WIS 35 & WIS 70 - Siren, Wisconsin

This is a VISSIM simulation of a proposed roundabout at the intersection of two major commuter highways northeast of the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area. The intersection is on the southeast corner of the Burnett County Airport (watch out for landing aircraft).

Superior Street & North 14th Street - Lincoln, Nebraska

Produced on the request of the city, this VISSIM simulation displays the operations of a high-capacity roundabout with three-lane entries.

10th Street & Salt Creek Roadway - Lincoln, Nebraska

This VISSIM simulation shows the impacts of two, closely-spaced roundabouts near the Nebraska Cornhuskers stadium. The simulation features an overhead bypass, 3D stadium, in addition to 2-wheeled vehicular traffic.

Main Street & Newhall Avenue - Santa Clarita, California

This VISSIM was created to help the public visualize the operations of this reconfigured intersection, including pedestrian crossing interaction. The simulation also features many 3D objects, including signs, lighting, vegetation, and buildings.

Courtland & Blockline - Waterloo, Ontario

This VISSIM model was produced to show how a proposed three-leg roundabout would operate with LRT running through the median, in addition to bus mass transit, and heavy pedestrian volumes/interaction.

US 2 & WIS 13 - Ashland, Wisconsin

This VISSIM simulation features one approach to advanced signing of a higher-speed, rural roundabout. The roundabout itself features a partial and a full bypass lane, in addition to a full-compliment of 3D signs and lighting.

6 Mile Road & WIS 32 - Racine, Wisconsin

This VISSIM simulation depicts the operations of a proposed multilane roundabout with five approaches.

I95 Exits 112 & 113 - Augusta, Maine

This VISSIM simulation shows the operations of a reconfigured interchange along I-95 in Maine.

E Pershing Boulevard - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Produced as part of a comparison to a signalized reconstruction alternative, this VISSIM simulation models a multilane roundabout with five approaches, in addition to interaction with a shopping center in the southeast quadrant of the intersection.

Burning Tree Road & Mall Drive - Duluth, Minnesota

This VISSIM model simulates the interaction between a roundabout and a closely-spaced traffic signal near a commercial development.

Pearl City Road & Kiwanis Drive - Freeport, Illinois

This VISSIM simulation shows the operations of a proposed single-lane roundabout intersection reconstruction project.

US 20 & and Harmony Road - Huntley, Illinois

This VISSIM simulation depicts the operations of a single-lane roundabout. It also includes many 3D features, such as: buildings, vegetation, signs, curb, central island, and billboards. The end of the clip also includes a driver-level perspective of selected driver movements.