Pedestrians and Bicyclists

This series of videos shows mostly pedestrians with some bicycles on a variety of roundabouts.  There are also several packaged educational videos and videos of how pedestrians should be taught to cross roundabouts more assertively.


Pedestrians crossing at three-lane roundabout in Avon, Colorado.


 Pedestrians near Bay Port High School in Howard, Wisconsin crossing with a crossing gaurd and then without.


Dakota County Minnesota created this video aimed at improving pedestrian assertiveness and driver awareness at roundabout crosswalks.


The following is a video, Modern Roundabouts: A Safer Choice, was put together by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to explain the benefits of roundabouts. Beginning at 7:00 is a section on pedestrian safety.


 This video shows how to properly cross a roundabout.


The Round Rules of the Road explain rules to safely navigate a roundabout. Rule #2 (starting at :53) is Yield to Pedestrians and Rule #6 (starting at 2:11) states that Bicyclists observe the same rules as motorists.



This roundabout contains pedestrian stoplights to help pedestrians cross at the roundabout.


Another video of a roundabout the contains a pedestrian signal.


Pedestrians at Michigan State University Roundabout on Football Saturday.


Roundabout Dance song/video telling pedestrians how to cross at a roundabout.


Roundabout Rules of the Road for Virginia teaches pedestrians (at 5:40) to look out before crossing a roundabout and bicyclists (at 6:13) to be aware when crossing or driving through a roundabout.


The video shows a roundabout with flashing pedestrian signs when exiting the roundabout.


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