Roundabout Guideline Publications


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BONNESON, J.A.; FONTAINE, M.D “Engineering Study Guide for Evaluating Intersection Improvements”. NCHRP Report 457, 2001. This guide describes the engineering study process for evaluating the operational effectiveness of various intersection improvements. It also shows how capacity analysis and traffic simulation models can be used to assess the operational impacts of these improvements.

CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION “Design Information Bulletin Number 80-01 Roundabouts” This (DIB) includes Attachment “A” which documents CALTRANS (Department) roundabout design policies that differ from or supersede the text found in the FHWA Guide (2000).

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MARKING TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (MTC).“Chapter 3H: Roundabout Marking”. (Draft) 2005. MTC developed a new chapter, Roundabouts Markings, Part 3 for the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The new chapter replaces Section 3B.24 and 3B.25 and Figures 3B.27 and 3B.28.

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This guide covers assessment of capacity, geometric design, safety analysis, layout, maintenance and environmental integration of roundabouts in Quebec.

ROBINSON B.; RODEGERDTS, L.; SCARBOROUGH, W.; KITTELSON, W.; TROUTBECK, R.; BRILON, W.; BONDZIO, L.; COURAGE, K.; KYTE, M.; MASON, J.; FLANNERY, A.; MYERS, E.; BUNKER, J.; JACQUEMART, G. “Roundabouts: An Informational Guide”. Federal Highway Administration, Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center, June 2000. The guidance supplied in this document is based on established international and U.S. practices and is supplemented by recent research. The following chapter topics are addressed: Introduction, Policy considerations, Planning, Operation, Safety, Geometric design, Traffic design and landscaping, System considerations, Glossary, Bibliography, Appendices. 

ROZENTAL, J. “Modern Roundabouts in British Columbia”: Draft Implementation Guide, ICBC Road Sense, 2001.

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